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Coffee and Heart Health

Home Blog Introduction: Healthcare professionals, including myself, often are asks about the safe amount of coffee that can be consumed by patients visiting our cardiology clinics. Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide and in recent times, there have been several interesting studies looking into relationship between coffee consumption and heart health. […]

What is the effect of Psychosocial Stressors on Heart Health?

Home Blog Introduction The modern workplace and life are a significant source of stress for many individuals, driven by various factors such as long hours, tight deadlines, job insecurity, and high demands of daily duties. We often get questions from our patients about the impact of stress at work and life on heart health.The mechanisms […]

Cardiovascular Wellness Among Women

Home Blog Diagnosing cardiac conditions in women. Women face unique challenges in the diagnosis, recognition, and treatment of cardiac conditions. There are several gender-specific issues that contribute to this.  Firstly, there is a significant underrepresentation of women in clinical trials and research studies focused on heart problems. In the past, the majority of cardiovascular trials […]